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plenty left over. Forty-five minutes Will, that's it!" We went in the side door and were almost to levitra coupon Willie's room when the housekeeper called Willie to see if he'd be needing anything. It was a little after ten o'clock and she wanted to turn in for the night. Willie goes, "You need something Charles?" and he says, "Yeah, a big bottle of something cold, like gatorade or something". Willie looks levitra 20 at me and softly says, "Can I get you anything Dylan?" and I shake my head and mumble, "No, I'm good". With a quart of red gatorade for Charles in Willie's hand, the three of us went up the big staircase, down the hall, and into his bedroom. Charles says, "Everything off girls and I want both of buy levitra you in panties... chop chop!" He opened the gatorade and gulped almost half of it. "Ahhh, that's what I needed" and then Charles pulled his shirt over his head and dropped his drawers, he was wearing a levitra 20 jock strap instead of vardenafil underwear, he stepped out of that and fondled his cock and balls. I was naked, staring at Charles fat cock. It was my length which is a little under six inches, but Charles' cock was almost twice as big around and with a bulging dark levitra online red head. "You want to levitra 20 mg generic levitra online suck levitra 20 mg it, don't ya?" I looked up to see Charles levitra online smirking at me, I go, "Huh?" He says, "Get your panties on and you can suck it while I buy levitra online do your boyfriend." I wouldn't say he was being nice, more like he was being condescending. I looked away mumbling, "I don't have panties, where would I get panties?" Charles laughs and points behind me. Turning around and there's Willie with a half dozen pairs in his hands. I could tell he didn't want to laugh, but he blurted out a laugh anyway and then said, "Sorry Dylan, I'm not laughing at you. This whole thing gets me levitra 20 mg laughing" and buy levitra he stepped into a pair levitra 20mg of white silk panties with baby blue tiny bows as decoration. They were much too small for Willie generic vardenafil with his long cock and his scrotum full of nuts straining the material outward. I levitra generic had to laugh... the small panties, Willie's big package, and the goofy look on his face. It's stupid, but we both laughed. Charles was laughing a little bit too, and for once it sounded like he actually thought something was funny rather than just laughing from scorn like he did levitra coupon earlier. I grabbed a pair of pink undies and stepped into them and the tiny size made my package look large too. Another laugh, but fuck... they vardenafil felt nice, that silky feel and all. Willie and I grabbed our crotches and pranced around with Charles generic levitra laughing harder now... he had half a boner too, which he was playing with. The thought that Willie and I had too much vodka flashed through my head, I was grateful levitra online for it actually. Charles pointed online levitra at me saying, "You suck my cock" and pointing at Willie, he said, "You get a condom and pull your panties down to your knees". I got down in front of him and licked generic levitra online the head of his cock. He said, "Take it all in buy levitra online your mouth, kid... lot's of tongue". I sucked and levitra 20mg lapped it and incredibly it got wider. It was a mouthful for sure. After two generic levitra online minutes I had spit running buy levitra down my chin and I had his cock as hard as a baseball bat. 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Willie mumbled, "You got me a little nervous now that levitra 20 it's finally my turn Charles... that's a big one ya got there. heh heh" He sounded nervous but Charles certainly didn't, he goes, "For christ sakes, Willie, you're finally getting what you've been begging for all these years and you whine about it. Jeez, what generic levitra a cunt! Roll that condom on me and turn around, pussy boy." Shaking my head in disgust, I got behind Charles and vardenafil began half heartedly to rim him as he bent forward a little to get his boner inside Willie. I heard Willie cry levitra 20 mg online levitra levitra 20 out, "Go slow, Charles... please, levitra generic it hurts". Charles says, "Oh, you say every dick hurts you." Willie generic levitra screamed out a little as Charles did a big hump forward levitra generic and then another one. I just sat back levitra generic on my ankles waiting for him to stop moving around. All I could thing about was how this was the least sexy levitra 20 experience I've ever levitra coupon had, under any circumstances. This was a turn-off of major proportion. Charles got into it, fucking Willie, and didn't even seem to notice I wasn't rimming him. I didn't feel like it at buy levitra online all. He was buy levitra clean enough, but he online levitra had a semi-hairy ass and that isn't something I'm use to. Willie never sounded like he was experiencing anything but pain. His groaning and complaining got weaker and weaker the longer Charles generic levitra fucked him, but it never turned into those pleasure sounds Willie and I are use to. After five or six minutes Charles starts smacking Willie's ass. From the grunts and more frantic humping I guessed Charles was close to levitra coupon climax and with two last violent humps into Willie, Charles goes, "Agggg, ahhh... oh fuck!!" and begins slowing down his humps. Willie had been jerking himself off but never actually climaxed by the time Charles pulled vardenafil out. There were smears of pink coloring on the levitra 20mg condom. Apparently he'd broken some blood vessels up Willie's ass. Willie's generic vardenafil face was pale as he walked into the bathroom saying, "gotta take a shi